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2016, a new year, another scholarship opportunity.  I am incredibly excited for this year!  2016 started off extremely well thanks for one of my longest and closest friends, Matt Sulzer. Matt works for GEICO and over the summer he inquired about their Philanthropy endeavors. A few emails and scanned documents later a request was submitted to make a contribution to the Joseph M. Pizzurro Memorial Foundation. Time went on and at the beginning of January I received a check in the mail – enough to cover our scholarship this year and then some! $3,000 raised before fundraising even kicked off! With this we can provide scholarships and/or help those in our communities in their time of need. With this as the start of 2016 fundraising we have an amazing foundation to build off of. The possibilities are endless.

Thank you, Matt, for being a great friend and for taking the time to ask questions. It paid off ten fold this time! We are so grateful!


Joseph M. Pizzurro Memorial Foundation, Inc